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When ordering with insurance, please keep in mind:

As of 07/03/2023 all Eyemed and Davis vision orders will be submitted as a direct reimbursement to you. As we move our physical store location from Brooklyn NY to Old Bridge NJ our Eyemed and Davis vision accounts are being migrated. This migration should take about 75 days. During which time you can enjoy our amazingly low prices and an additional reimbursement from those two carriers. If you fill out our online insurance form one of our agents will tell you exactly what you would get back from Eyemed and Davis Vision, we will also file the claim on your behalf directly with each one of those two carriers. You will be emailed confirmation that a claim for reimbursement has been filed. We hope to be able to process claims directly come September and the temporary process of direct reimbursement is strictly a short interruption.

For VSP & CIGNA, all orders will still be processed out of network and we take assignment on all claims. Enjoy our everyday low prices and with your VSP benefit as an additional reduction in overall cost.

What if I have more questions?
If you have any questions about our price matching policy or would like to price match an item, you can contact us on our general email [email protected] or reach out to [email protected] our Ins. Specialist.